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DeckCraft’s bespoke construction process guarantees your satisfaction and warranties craftsmanship long after our job is done.

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I was referred to LVX Builders by the TimberTech website as an authorized TT installer. I hired them to remove an old deck and build a TimberTech deck for me. (Apparently, LVX and Deck Craft are now one and the same). I believe Jae is knowledgable and capable of building a high quality, attractive deck. That's what he did for me. My experience, however, was tainted by a lack of attention to detail and some derogatory comments. For instance, Jae told me several times that the $20K price we agreed for a 300+sf deck was less than he should have charged me. He seemed to think I wasn't sufficiently appreciative... I believe once parties agree to a deal, the terms need not be brought up again and again. I certainly don't want to hear how big a favor you're doing me... Let's be real, ain't nobody going broke charging $20K for a deck this size. The deck incorporated two colors. Yet in spite of multiple emails/conversations about the color design, the final product was different that what had been agreed. The project was completed when I was out of town. Against my better judgment, I sent Jae a check and assumed that he would work with me to resolve the color discrepancies when I got home. Sadly, he refused. When I got home I found two piles of dirt and debris around my new deck. There were nails all around the worksite and in my driveway. One promptly ended up in my tire, requiring a trip to Firestone and a tire patch. When I asked Jae if they were going to clean up the site, he told me I hadn't paid for the "white glove treatment..." Hoping to salvage some good will from the experience, I to Jae that if he would pick up all the nails and eliminate the dirt piles, I would accept the color blunders and move on, willing to recommend him in the future. He never replied. So I spent an hour picking up nails and several hours leveling the dirt piles. I can only conclude that small projects are not his preference.
Chet Rhodes
Chet Rhodes
I am licensed professional engineer and work I. Structural, geotechnical and environmental area across middle Tennessee and northern Alabama. Our firm has successfully worked with Jae Botavn on several projects in Mairy and Williamson Counties and have found Jae’s knowledge, expertise and communication skills honed while planning his clients projects. a good listener who responds creatively to client requests and a builder I can wholeheartedly recommend.
Nathan Miller
Nathan Miller
I was helping to renovate my parents house in Brentwood, TN. We wanted to demolish and rebuild their deck as it was old and falling apart. I wanted a composite deck since it would be less maintenance for my parents who are getting older. Deck Craft recommended Timber Tech since they are an approved contractor for them. The deck turned out beautiful and I would highly recommend them.
the_Crouching Tiger
the_Crouching Tiger
I was really impressed. The extra steps they take to build correctly are impressive. There is no comparison compared to the handyman-type builders I have used in the past. The finished product looks great!
Deanna Zieman
Deanna Zieman
The project went smoothly and turned out exactly what I was hoping for. Jae knew the codes for Williamson County and handled all the permitting. The build quality was exceptional. His guys were courteous and hard-working.
river eytan
river eytan
Super reliable and communicative. On budget, profesional, and excellent workmanship. I am very please and would highly recommend.
Beth Cooke
Beth Cooke
Very professional and easy to work with. Quality work.
Jacob Court
Jacob Court
Jae Botavn was great from start to finish. He responded quickly to my quote request, met me in person twice to discuss options and delivered his bond and insurance along with the quote, which made me feel more comfortable from the start. He communicated well through out the project when issues arose and did a wonderful job on my backyard deck. I highly recommend Jae for contractor needs around the house.
Gladys Rainey
Gladys Rainey
LVX Builders does amazing work! Jae Botavn and his crew removed my old deck and built a new one. Reasonable price. He has a great crew working for him. Jae also worked with me adding rails around my front porch and down the steps. I love the way it turned out!
Joey Hardiman
Joey Hardiman
Jae, and his crew were great to work with and showed up on time!!

Unleash Your Creative Vision

Discover a deck builder that empowers you to bring your unique ideas to life with the latest and highest standards in construction and safety.

Whether it’s a tranquil oasis or an entertainment hotspot, our craftsmanship will turn your vision into a stunning reality.

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Fully Customizable

Solid Strength & Structure

Made Sustainably

Meet Jae

The founder of DeckCraft, a boutique custom deck builder. Jae is not only a licensed contractor, he is a Tennessee licensed General Contractor. Combined with Jae’s twenty years experience makes DeckCraft one of the few, if not the only, decking specific contractors who is licensed to apply for permits on projects up to $1.5MM.

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Most homeowners do not realize that decks are considered by most building codes to be a structural liability.

This means permits are usually required. In the same way a building permit is required to build an addition to your home.

Professional Design and Engineering

Each DeckCraft build is constructed to local building code requirements and guaranteed to pass inspection all the way through final approval.

Advanced Framing Materials

DeckCraft specializes in the latest deck building techniques to ensure safety and longevity. There are much better choices today than pressure treated pine and continual maintenance.

Secure Footings and Posts

The foundation of your deck is crucial. We install secure footings and posts, preventing settling and maintaining the stability of your deck over time. Including a properly attached ledger where 90% of deck failures occur.

Railing and Baluster Safety

The railing system we offer are at minimum is designed to meet or exceed safety standards and code requirements. There a several brands on the market chose. We have vetted them so you do not have to.

Licensed. Insured. Bonded.

Business license vs. Contractors license? Don’t be fooled by slight of hand.

For example, in Williamson County a contractor must be licensed to perform any home improvement work over $3,000.00

NOTICE: A Contractor’s license is required prior to contracting (bidding, offering to engage, or negotiating a price) for projects $25,000 or more, when acting as one of the following:

  • Prime (General) Contractor – Bidding or contracting directly with the “owner” of the project.
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Jae does amazing work! His crew removed my old deck and built a new one. He has a great crew working for him.

Jae also worked with me adding rails around my front porch and down the steps. I love the way it turned out!

Gladys Rainey

Franklin, TN

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve got A’s for your Q’s

Will you repair my deck?

Not really. We do deck rebuilds only. New framing and new decking. Best to look for a handyman to help if you need a some boards replaced or fix a wobbly handrail.  

Will you refinish my deck?
No, not unless we built it.
Do you pressure wash decks?
No, not as a stand alone service.
What is the smallest deck you will build?

Rarely smaller than 300 square feet.

Do I need to have a minimum project budget?

Yes. Our high construction standards and material costs does not equip us to service a job budget that is less than $25,000.

What is the maximum size project can you build?
Up to $1,500,000.
What locations do you service?


Franklin, Leipers Fork, Belle Meade, Green Hills, Forest Hills, Oak Hill, Berry Hill, Brentwood, Nashville, East Nashville, Percy Priest and Center Hill.

How long does it take you to build a deck?

Generally, 3-5 days with out delays. Larger projects can take 2-3 weeks. Very large projects can take a month or more. Rarely, longer than 30 days.

We Operate In And Around Nashville